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All Creatures Great and Small


 Thank you for visiting. I hope you are all well in body and spirit these days. I have been hard at work over the past year rebuilding my business to fit the changes we are all facing. I welcome you to explore and revisit often as I add more work . Like so many of you, I have had to make many adjustments in life, including temporarily closing my studio to the public. It was a difficult but necessary decision. Ironically, the week before my big Re-Opening Celebration, the world skidded to a halt. It was a hard hit to take as a small business but I know I'm not alone. I put everything online including virtual events and demos which you can find on my events page at Air Borne Creations. My prayers and blessing are with all of you and your families as we get through this together. I am grateful for the time you take to visit my store and would love to hear from you.

Why Air Borne Creations?

My first experience painting with color was not with a paintbrush. It was with this magical, mystical wand that never touches the surface of my canvas.  For over 30 years, I have worked as a freelance artist and have traveled an artists journey that could never have been predicted. The airbrush always was and always will be the go to tool in my paint box. There is something so unique about the experience. So, My creations are very much Air Borne. My dad just popped the name out when I was pondering something unique and here we are. I am eternally grateful for parents who always encouraged me, took a great interest in what I was doing and just let me be who was was meant to be. When I have a group of kids come through the studio for a tour, it makes me so proud to be able to open my world to them.  I could not have come this far without the positive energy and encouragement I received along the way.

A world with out art is a world without vision.

My greatest joy is meeting new clients and helping them bring their vision to life. We all are a blank canvas. We have dreams, imagination. So many people come to my studio saying the same thing. "I don't have a creative bone in my body" These are the people I love to talk to. My first response is "Of course you do. You just need to listen for it to call you."  People come to me with great ideas and ask if I can do this, usually as a gift. Maybe a business is looking for something unique. Homeowners come to me for everything from statuary repair to murals. It is a privilege to work with so many people who can SEE what they want but need a creator.  Contact me with your ideas. I can help you make them reality.

Come back soon!

Thank you for visiting! Contact us anytime for details on special orders.