About us

What to do.... what to do?
I'm an artist, a gardener, a photographer and a writer.
All of these elements were borne into me so, naturally, they come through in my work. I have a great love of animals and nature, finding peace roaming freely about the woods or taking a road trip off the beaten path with my camera. Cities and crowds don't excite me but randomly finding a pasture in the middle of nowhere with a couple of Scottish cows at the fence? I'm all over it!
I started painting professionally in 1983, airbrushing T-shirts at fairs and literally learning as I went. It was fantastic exposure. Working on request, I learned how to be flexible, to listen, to make it happen without ever second guessing myself. I painted any subject on any surface, anywhere. 15 years later, I opened my first studio, left the crazy world of fairs, malls and trudging my gear over the tri state area. I traded fabric for canvas and streamlined my focus from airbrushed hearts and beach scenes to the things that I am passionate about.
I love working with clients who have am idea and are looking to bring it to life. Everyone has such great creative vision and when they come to me, I will always find a way to make it happen.
I've been blessed for so many years as a creative. And, oh boy, could I tell you stories!  I appreciate all of you who have followed my journey or are just now finding me. If there is ever anything I can do to help you bring your vision to life, fell free to contact me.
To learn more and to see more of my work, visit my website
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I frequently add new works in progress and updates on life in the studio.
I do a number of events throughout the year which are now virtual. So, now, I can bring my studio right to you in the comfort of your home!