Hanging on!

This has been one CRAZY year, right? We've all made adjustments in ways we never expected. For me, it meant closing my studio to the public for months before I made the most logical decision I could. Get out NOW!!! In one month without any plan to move, I spent 2 weeks prerecording video for all of this years exhibits, demos and then packing up. It was exhausting! I'm now working at home and still setting up my work stations but, I have to say, it is a great relief to unload the financial burden of running a business in a space that I could not use fully. Everything I do now is virtual, sales are online and curbside if you are local in CT.

So many businesses were faced with the same decision and are building a new office, a new studio, a new platform right at home. We have not gone out of business, we have adapted. So, my wish for all of you is that you seek out the small businesses that you loved, find new ones and show your support. Get out of the Big Box world and explore all of the wonderful talent and available goods out there.

Be well and be safe, all! Many blessings!

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